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Pullip Custom Arin for adoption 💞*READ DESCRIPTION* Own production

Pullip Custom Arin for adoption 💞*READ DESCRIPTION* Own production

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Read the description before buying!!

This girl's name is Arin. Arin is now looking for her own home💜
The Doll comes with everything shown in photos: eyes, lashes and a stock body. (Stock body has some stains)

Note! The doll has no eyelids or closing pins, so the eyes cannot be closed. You CANNOT put eye lids on the doll because the modelin compound used to shape the eyes is not designed to hold with the lids and because of this the lids no longer fit on the doll. However, you can move the eyes normally!

Tools used in make-up:
apoxie modelin compound, instant glue to  hold the glitters, water-soluble watercolor pencils, pastel chalks, tamiya color gloss varnish, mr. super clear uv cut flat varnish, small glitters, acrylic paint.

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