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Pullip Suigintou P-125

Pullip Suigintou P-125

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Name- Suigintou
Product Number-P-125
Release Date- 5/2014
Series- Rozen Maiden 2nd collaboration series, counterpart to Pullip Keikujyaku, Pullip Shinku 2014, Pullip Kirakishou 2014, Pullip Hina Ichigo 2014, Pullip Suiseiseki 2015, Pullip Souseiseki 2015 & Pullip Kanaria 2015
Release- Standard, Standard,  exclusive preorder item black feather available only to those who preorder from TBS shop
Feel Like So- Let’s start with the Alice game I’m sorry to have kept you
Note- This is the second time the character Suigintou has been made into a Pullip, the previous version was Pullip Suigintou 2007

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